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The High-Impact Deliverables

Web analytics conversion and visitor insights

I do a full review of your web analytics data, gathering high-impact insights and issues from your key pages. This helps understand where your visitors are having issues and identify areas of highest potential to improve. What you get: a detailed web analytics report. 

Extensive visual analysis of your visitor's website journey

I reveal how problems with your visitor's website journey and common tasks impact your conversion rates and sales. I setup click maps, scroll maps and visitor recordings to gain this insight on key pages (with 50 results minimum). What you get: key findings in a report.

1 hour expert website review with you and your team

You and your team join me for a live video review of your website, including key pages and checkout/signup flow. This interactive session results in many visitor insights and A/B test ideas, it's also recorded to watch again 24/7. What you get: An interactive review session via Webex. 

In-depth feedback from your website visitors

Your visitors feedback is essential! To provide even greater conversion insights and key areas for improvement, I setup a simple high-impact survey on your site (50 visitors), and run usability sessions with your target audience (5 users). What you get: key findings delivered in a report.


20 A/B test ideas prioritized for highest impact

Based on the research insights, you get A/B test ideas to improve your website (including no brainers to just launch if you don't have enough traffic). This is prioritized for highest potential impact and greatest ease of setup. What you get: the test ideas in a Google spreadsheet.


Included with my conversion research service:

» Expert live conversion review to maximize success
» Google Analytics review to highlight visitor issues
» In-depth visitor insights from feedback and surveys  


Why you will love my conversion research services

"Rich's review quickly lifted my email opt-in rate by 25%. Those additional email subscribers alone have added more than $7,000 to my monthly bottom line"

"Rich's experience in working with clients large and small have empowered him to become one of the leading experts in the field of site optimization. You want higher ROI from your site? Call Rich!"

Avinash Kaushik, Author of Web Analytics 2.0

Brian Dean, CEO/Owner of

60 minutes

My Conversion 
Research Service

20 A/B test ideas

The one-time cost: $1,500 (or £1,000)

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Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes! I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. So, if you aren't satisfied with the review, insights and A/B test ideas I will provide you with, you can get your money back, in full.
How long does the whole review process take?
I aim to deliver all aspects of this review service within 7 business days. If I need further time to gather web analytics or visitor insights I will let you know.


Frequently asked questions

What I need from you for best conversion results



- You must be willing to signup for Hotjar and other feedback tools (at low extra cost).
- You must have at least 1,000 website visitors per week to gain feedback from.

- I need access to your web analytics tool, with at least 3 months of data to analyze. 

Are there any other fees or recurring costs?
The conversion research is a one time fee, payable 50% upfront. You will also need to sign up and pay for feedback tools like and which have low cost plans.
Does this review include any design or coding help?
This is not included in the service. You work with your developers to implement my A/B test ideas and recommendations. I can help you for an additional cost if needed.


Discover what your visitors really want and what converts them more


Conversion optimization is much harder without fully researching and understanding your visitors.
My name is Rich Page and I have over 10 years experience improving websites, and the author of 'Website Optimization: An Hour a Day'.  Here are the benefits of my conversion research service: 

Comprehensive knowledge of your visitors and their needs to convert them much more often 

Expert live review of your website and key pages, resulting in 20 prioritized A/B test ideas 

Significantly higher conversion rates for your site, resulting in many more sales and leads

Key visitor insights from your web analytics, feedback from visitor surveys and usability tests


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Why get conversion research services from an expert like me?

CRO without detailed research is just guessing. Understand what visitors really want and dislike on your website.
Don't waste money on expensive full service CRO agencies. No costly monthly fees, just expert research.
You get CRO research from just me, a seasoned expert. Not from a team of rookies or outsourced help.  
I'm a qualified Google Analytics individual. This ensures highest impact insights from your Google Analytics data.