Get Expert Google Analytics Insights and 
An Audit of Common Tracking Issues

Included with my expert A/B testing service:

 » Get a 10-page Google Analytics insights report
 » Audit to ensure you are tracking with no issues
 » Industry expert with over 10 years experience


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"Rich's review quickly lifted my email opt-in rate by 25%. Those additional email subscribers alone have added more than $7,000 to my monthly bottom line"

"Rich is a true website expert. With his help and recommendations, we got a 20%+ increase in conversion rate from our homepage in just 1 day"

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What is needed to gain the insights and audit?
I need you to grant me access to your Google Analytics account and you will also need to have at least 90 days of Google Analytics data for me to analyze. 
How long does the whole process take?
I aim to deliver the insights and audit report within 7 business days after purchase. This may take longer if there are major tracking issues in your Google Analytics account. 


Frequently asked questions

Are there any other fees or recurring costs?
This Google Analytics insights and audit service is a one time fee, payable upfront. There will be no recurring costs or subscriptions from me unless you want additional help.   
Do you help me implement your recommendations?
You will get many recommendations from the insights in this report. I suggest you work with your designers/developers to make the website improvements, but I can offer follow-up help. 


High Impact Google Analytics Insights to Improve Your Website


My name is Rich Page and I have over 10 years experience analyzing and improving websites, and am a Google Analytics qualified individual. I'm also the author of 'Website Optimization: An Hour a Day'. 

Discover key page performance insights for your top entry pages, checkout/signup flows, and more

Traffic source and campaign analysis to identify opportunities for maximizing your marketing ROI

Analysis of your checkout or signup funnel to help quickly increase your sales or signups 

Audit for over 20 common tracking issues like duplicate page tracking, referrer spam and goal setup


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Most marketers don't know how to get the most from GA. Don't just track traffic levels!
GA is often an untapped goldmine for improving websites. Find out your top opportunities.
Over 80% of GA implementations contain issues. Discover issues that you don't know about. 

Included with my Google Analytics insights and audit service

A 10-page Google Analytics report with insights and an audit check
Analysis and insights from your key pages, landing pages & checkout/signup flows
Traffic analysis & insights (how your SEO, PPC, social media, email etc. is performing)

Google Analytics tracking audit with checks for over 20 common tracking issues

Google Analytics training and help session included with premium service

Why is it essential to get Google Analytics (GA) insights and an audit?

Key metrics analysis (conversion rate, repeat visit rate, and more)
Top pages insights  (best performers and key ones to improve)
Landing page insights (top entry pages performance)
Navigation flow insights (top homepage clicks, key visitor flows)
Traffic source insights 
(best sources and key ones to optimize)

Shopping cart/signup flow insights  (abandonment/drop off rate)  
Audit of your GA account (over 20 common issues checked)
Setup of performance dashboard for your site in GA
Live GA training and help session (60 minutes - recorded)
Cost of service  (one time fee)


$499 (£349)




$299 (£219)

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