Radically Increase Your Website Sales with
A/B Testing Service from an Expert 

Full web analytics conversion insights and audit

I first do a full review of your web analytics data, gathering actionable insights for higher impact A/B tests. I also conduct an audit on your tracking and conversion setup to ensure you are optimally tracking for success. Delivered in a detailed web analytics report.

90 minute expert website review with you and your team

You and your team join me for a live video review of your website, including key pages and checkout/signup flow. This fully interactive session results in many A/B test ideas, it's also recorded to watch again 24/7. Delivered via an interactive conference call. 

20 A/B test ideas prioritized for highest impact

Based on the live conversion review and Google Analytics insights, you receive 20 high-impact A/B test ideas. To ensure the best A/B testing results I prioritize these for highest potential conversion uplift and greatest ease of setup. Delivered in a web-based spreadsheet.

Wireframes and setup help for 2 high-potential A/B tests

Based on the 20 prioritized A/B tests you receive, I then help you with setting up 2 of the highest potential tests. For both tests this includes wireframe mockups, and my A/B test setup help for your web designers and developers. Setup in collaboration with your team.


Included with my expert A/B testing service:

» Live conversion review to maximize success
» Google Analytics review for testing insights
» Prioritized list of A/B test ideas with setup help


Clients love my website conversion services

"Rich's review quickly lifted my email opt-in rate by 25%. Those additional email subscribers alone have added more than $7,000 to my monthly bottom line"

"Rich is a true website expert. With his help and recommendations, we got a 20%+ increase in conversion rate from our homepage in just 1 day"

Maia Bittner, Founder of Rocksbox.com

Brian Dean, CEO/Owner of Backlinko.com

90 minutes

My Expert A/B
Testing Service

20 A/B test ideas

For 2 A/B tests

The High-Impact Deliverables

The one-time cost: $1,500 (or £1,000)

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Do you guarantee results or successful A/B tests?
While no one can guarantee results from A/B testing, I do offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the review and A/B test ideas, you can get your money back, in full.
How long does the whole A/B testing process take?
I aim to deliver the review, analytics report and test ideas within 7 business days. The setup of A/B tests will be dependent on how quickly your designers and developers can create the tests.


Frequently asked questions

What I need from you for best conversion results



- You must have at least 5,000 visitors per week to your website for A/B testing.
- You need to have an A/B testing tool like Optimizely, Test & Target or VWO. 
- I need access to your web analytics tool, with
 at least 3 months of data. 

Are there any other fees or recurring costs?
This A/B testing service is a one time fee, payable 50% upfront. There will be no recurring costs or subscriptions from me. You will need access to an A/B testing tool like VWO or Optimizely though.  
Do you create the code in my A/B testing tool?
I work with your developers and designers to help them setup 2 A/B test ideas, but I don't create the actual testing code. This can be arranged for an additional cost if needed.


Serious results on revenue. For serious online businesses. 


My name is Rich Page and I have over 10 years experience improving websites, and the author of 'Website Optimization: An Hour a Day'.  Benefits of my A/B testing service: 

You gain 100's more website sales or leads per month without needing more website traffic 

Expert live review of your website and key pages, resulting in 20 prioritized A/B test ideas 

Significantly higher conversion rates for your site, resulting in more profitable marketing spend 

Key insights from your web analytics to reveal highest potential pages to do A/B testing on 


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